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Jan. 10th, 2006 | 11:26 am

i love our new housemate. tiny tim moved in yesterday afternoon and keeps making bone cracks at the fairy that adornes my desk. :)

there really isn't a good time for being sick. however, it is better timing now than in a month from now. this is really hard on me emotionally as i feel incapacitated physically. no, this isn't meant to be a whine, just an observation. i have slept more in the last 3 days than i have done outside of normal sleeping in months. i keep going out for 3-5 hours at a time. the little things that i take for granted on a daily basis, such as standing in the shower, felt like so much work that i would collapse shortly afterwards. my anatomy instructor and head of the allied health department, just informed me that it could take 2-3 weeks for me to feel up to par again. my first thought was wtf--no way, can i crawl at this pace for the next couple of weeks. my mind immediately went into a freak out and then i had to tell it to just shut the fuck up already; take a deep breathe; and let's look at what this opportunity is openning up and what aspects can be fully embraced. sometimes, it is good to slow down so that we can stop and actually look at our priorities and reevaluate where we are and where we are going.

our first in class assignment in holistic therapies was about evaluating our goals and breaking them down. i wanted to share the process here as i think some that will read this may enjoy or benefit from it.

Step 1: set a timer for about 10 minutes and write down all of your goals, dreams on a sheet of paper during that time. stop when the timer goes off.

Step 2: set the timer again, for about 10 min. take the goals that you did in step 1 and on a clean sheet of paper put them in order of priority.

Step 3: look at the top priority and write a paragraph about that goal.

Step 4: read the paragraph in step 3 and wrap it all up in one sentence.

Step 5: read the sentence in step 4 and wrap it up into one phrase.

Step 6: read the phrase in step 5 and sum it up into one word that describes it's essence.

Step 7: find simple ways to obtain that one word in your daily life.

Step 8: find an object or symbol that represents the essence of your goal.

i did make it to class yesterday and by afternoon, i had to drag my sorry ass back to bed. i'm so thankful that the boys are old enough that it is ok for me to be sleeping when they are home. they did really well and i slept until 5:30pm. rayny came in and checked my forehead after i woke up and announced very seriously that i was still hot before kissing my cheek. nollie used his 'authoratative' voice on rayny all evenning to make sure things went smoothly. they were so cute.
i knew last night that i could not handle 6 straight hours of back to back classes, today. so i am going to get off of this computer in a few minutes, grab the manuscript that is coming near deadline and get it read in bed, today.
i'm trying to become healthier this year. trying to work out more and right now not being able to do more than 10 minutes of anything is killing me. i'm still keeping track of my nutrtion and i am planning on quitting smoking this year. not as new year resolutions. i have been smoking for 25 years this year and i want to be smoke free by the time i graduate and start working within this field. i called the american cancer society last night and am joining a study group. i don't have a date set up, yet, but that will come soon. i need to look at the calender and find a date that will give me the best currents of the cosmos to help aid in the transformation productively. it's all about outlook--am i to look at this as a banishment of vile habits or as the start of a new beginning? the excuses that i have told myself is that i am as physically addicted as i am psychologically so that i needed to wait until i could afford the patches. now, i am not sure as to the best way to go about it to help encourage success. i admire those that have gone cold turkey. i think that would set me up to fail as i have not gone a full 24 hours without a ciggerette since i first started smoking. i'm not sure how i am going to do this, but i do aim to do this. i just need to figure out a realistic game-plan that i can follow through on.

ok i am taking my ass back to bed. i have been trying to read lj, i just haven't had the energy to type a lot in responses. night night all. have a good day.

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from: ninneviane
date: Jan. 10th, 2006 06:25 pm (UTC)

I'd dearly like to give up smoking this year too, but like yourself, I'm not really going to make it a NY resolution, even if I did mention it in my 2005 meme. I tried the patches, and yes they do help, a lot, though they're not the be all and end all. I'm thinking I might try hypnotherapy next time, it's worked for a couple of other people I know, so who knows maybe it will work for me too :)

i'm so thankful that the boys are old enough that it is ok for me to be sleeping when they are home.
**nods** It's a godsend when required - there have been very many days this last year where I was positively grateful not to have a child under 6 in the house.

our first in class assignment in holistic therapies ....
What a great idea! I'm going to try this, thank you :)

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(no subject)

from: moonskrye
date: Jan. 10th, 2006 09:56 pm (UTC)

i've often thought of utilizing hypnotherapy to help with it, but i really can't afford it. i have heard great results though. let me know how it goes :)

being goal oriented and trying to stay focused on a continual basis has been a major thing for me, lately. it's a great little excercise, i hope you enjoy it :)

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