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Jan. 13th, 2006 | 01:27 am

it was good to get back to life, today.

took the first couple of tests for the term this afternoon. at this moment, the computer class is a joke. problems starting with the IT dept not having all the students' accounts started -->to a monotone instructor that knows CADD but not how to teach basic computers --> to 13 year old behaviour in the classroom. even my a plus class was better behaved. i am, however, grateful to have a class that i don't feel the need to panic and bust my ass on.

anatomy and physiology ii is the complete opposite end of the spectrum. the more it kicks my ass; the more i have to wipe the smile off my face. the first test of this class is supposed to be one of the hardest tests for the term. it is also the one test that she allows all students to take a second time. i'll be going in first thing in the morning to sieze the opportunity. i'm not going to worry about the dean's list this term. what i really want is to earn the best grade that i can in this class and really know the material to the best of my ability. with each chapter, i feel as if i am learning the secrets of a new lover.

rae is going in for a minor outpatient surgery, tomorrow, so i have the wonderful opportunity to keep willow all day for the first time. i'm under strict orders to not put any sugar in the water bottle lol. well, it isn't like i can put her on my tit. man, she is such a little loud piggy with her mommy. after the hard times that rae had with trying to nurse her other children, it tickles me that she has been so successful with willow.

i'm buying patches, tomorrow.

life is good. the boys have been wonderful this week. i miss my husband, dearly. my journal has turned into a total boredomfest. i can handle life being without excess drama. i hope that doesn't change any time soon. i think that i may be outgrowing the name moonskrye. i may be growing away from a lot of things.

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from: sadirathemage
date: Jan. 13th, 2006 01:33 pm (UTC)

im sure you did fine yesterday and will do even better today with the test *hugz* and at the moment it doesnt seem so minor lol, im sooo nervous...

omg it is great the success im havin with nursing willow, though we all attibute that to you :P lol...you were so good at lactating that just your presence can help :P lol

and just so you know i love you dearly and as hard as quiting is going to be if its what you really want then it will happen

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from: moonskrye
date: Jan. 13th, 2006 04:57 pm (UTC)

when i first replied to you, i didn't realize you were still logged in on my comp. LOL.

anyways here it is again:

hahaha it's lactation mojo :P

you will be fine and it will all be done with by the time you see this message :)

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