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Jan. 4th, 2006 | 06:52 pm

the sticker on the bananas said "Put sticker on forehead. Smile"

rayny has always been the child that would take stickers off of fruit and place them all over his body. actually, he liked to do that with any kind of sticker.

the little things that make me smile :)

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Jan. 3rd, 2006 | 09:51 pm

i am feeling extremely fortunate at this moment. rae and her kids just left, my boys have gone to bed so that they can go back to school, tomorrow; and i am letting my mind soak in the day's energies. have i mentioned recently, how much i love the program that i am in? with all of the things that i have in the works at this time,

my anatomy and physiology ii class will be a lot of work, but i am already in love with it. part of our class grade consists of participating in a health fair that is put on every term through this class. i am actually really excited about this as i've decided to hit this from an angle that hasn't been done at the school before with herbal teas designed to help maintain health. not cure-all types of blends. just good for your body, no caffiene, vitamin rich, tasty teas. so far this afternoon, 4 'big' name companies have agreed to send literature and samples, 1 mom and pop operation will participate as well as the American Botanical Council. i'm scrambling with trying to find resources and companies, but damn this is exciting. :)

if anyone happens to know of any brands of herbal teas that they really like that i may contact, please let me know. :)

holistic therapies is going to force me to do many things that i keep saying that i need to do but always find an excuse as to why i don't have time. i will now have to find the time as they will be a part of my grade. LOL i feel like a kid in a candy store.

on another note.

i normally become melancholy this day every year. when i was younger, it was an ache for my little sister that i didn't have around to play with anymore. for the past few years it was an ache for a woman that really didn't want me in her life. she didn't like the competition of her mother's attention when i entered their world. today, i lift my glass and toast the beautiful Pamela Ann. Happy Birthday, my little sister. i hold you wrapped close inside of my heart.


thank you to those that 'entertained' me, earlier. i was giggly with silliness :)

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Jan. 3rd, 2006 | 10:33 am

ok, this is the first day of classes. i'm sitting here in an intro to comp class reading about input and output devices. *tries to not snore*

who is online? come wake me up?

come on, entertain me. :)

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Jan. 2nd, 2006 | 03:07 pm

Community Ventures Corporation is where I plan on taking classes to help me learn the things that I should know in order to get the business concept out of my head and into the world of reality.

this looks very scary

*takes a deep breath*

i feel the universe pulling me towards dreams. i am so scared of this new year and extremely excited to boot. my knees are knocking from legs that are shaking. may the ground remain steady.

i'm really not a stupid person. i have the ability to be competent. i can do this.....

please understand, i am not begging for cheers or pats on the back. i will not however, turn down any ideas or thoughts to help keep me from making stupid blunders that would result in a sore ass from the ground.

i think organization and a continual work on time-management skills are definately called for here.

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Jan. 2nd, 2006 | 11:18 am
mood: chipperchipper

Word of the Day for Sunday January 1, 2006

vim \VIM\, noun:
Power; force; energy; spirit; activity; vigor.

damn, i love that word now that i know what it means. i think i shall use it on a regular basis and hope that it creates more vim.

  • may i get off my lazy butt and be filled with vim, today.

  • you have such beautiful vim.

  • if only we could bottle the children's vim, we would make a fortune.

  • her vim radiated as she entered the room.

  • vim, vim, vim is better than zoom zoom. :)

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Jan. 1st, 2006 | 09:25 pm

happy new year's to everyone. may it bring some peace to your beings and love within your world. may we be kissed gently with this new year's life lessons.

i love superstitions when they are positive. it doesn't matter so much whether they are 'real' only that i take the intent of wellness and allow it to be a possibility. i should note that i don't do negative superstitions, they are all humbug in my world view--muhahahahaha

positive happenings for the new year that have taken place, today, thus allow for the hope of it continueing throughout the year.

  • little boys' laughter ringing in the year

  • playing games with the kids until 1am

  • kissed mark as if we were new

  • 'beautifying' our living space by arranging wall decorations in the living room

  • earned pay by working today, no matter how tired i was from lack of sleep

  • enjoyed a little bit of time with my best friend

  • relaxing and kicking back in my livingroom that looks 100 times better than it has in a long time

  • went into a fit of giggles as my goddaughter actually tried to reach out towards me from her mommy's arms

  • found out that the management at work actually appreciate me

it has been an extremely busy week. bonnie gave us some carpet that was left over from the house they were remodelling so we have been working on the living room. with the carpet, the rearranging and not having everything moved back in, yet, it is looking fantastic. if i have any resolutions, it is to try to become more organized and less prone to cluttering our living space. the kitchen is looking a bit scary at the moment as all of our dust collector type stuff is still in there waiting for my attention tomorrow.
i've been doing a lot of research on different scholarships. my goal is to try to apply to atleast two a day. they may or may not pan out to anything, but i won't have a chance if i don't try.
there is a manuscript begging for my attention and it will take up a lot of my time this week. i'm still in awe at the opportunity to review them.
i thought that they would be letting me go from work at the end of january since i let them know that i have to cut down my hours. i was informed that they hadn't made a decisions yet, but that they do not want to let me go. regardless, i was told that i would definately be a welcomed addition for next holiday season.

the year 2005 has been a year of hope and faith.

i learned that it may take a while, but it is possible to alter ones' reality if given the opportunity to find the will, hope, desire to be motivated out of ones' circumstances.
i have a long way to go before i become a productive human being within this society, but i will get there.
i'm a good mom, today. may i be a better one, tomorrow.
i'm a decent wife and partner, may i learn to become a good one.
i've been learning that i have value. i know that you have value as well.

may you love in this new year as if you have never loved before.
blessings )O(

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Dec. 28th, 2005 | 12:35 am

i try to remember things about childhood that i loved and then share those things with the boys. one of my favorite things as a kid was when i lived with my brothers and we would spend all day playing games. board games were a staple and then ad&d when we realized it existed. we are very game poor at the moment. not only did we have several games before the holidays, but the base of our tree was covered in games from santa for each family member, individually, as well as games marked for the whole family. i told the boys that i would try to play atleast one game with them every day of winter break. they love 'family game nights'. last night we did something that we had never done before. we played games until midnight. the kids are never up that late, but we were having so much fun that i didn't want it to end for them (or for me, either.)
this morning, knowing that company was coming over to try out a new dvd game and that there may not be time to keep my promise to the boys afterwards, we decided to have a family game morning. we ate breakfast, cleaned off the table and proceeded to rip the shrink wrap off of the new Narnia game. there is nothing that radiates and shines as wonderfully brilliant as the laughter and giggles of little boys. (it doesn't hurt that it helps rayny practice both reading and math skills with most games heh). i think i've found out how i would like to spend new year's eve this year.

may we laugh from the inside out with pure joy
blessings )O(

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Dec. 26th, 2005 | 12:04 pm

does anyone know of some good sites to look into college scholarships that aren't scams or that want money?

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'twas the day after christmas....general updating.

Dec. 26th, 2005 | 09:54 am

nollie wakes me up at 8:30 this morning to ask me if i needed to go to work or school or should he let me sleep in. *grins* i adore this child. while i get to sleep in, going back to sleep wasn't an option.

things have been so busy that i am just now popping in to try to read some, but i know i won't have time to read too much. i have to become productive on my home or i will feel like shit later.

tuesday, maintenance came and replaced all of our kitchen windows in enough time for us to get things straightened up for our yule guests. it was a great little party with rae and lots of her relatives. we are the closest that two families can be one family without having a marraige certificate involved. all of the kids had a great time and so did the adults.

yule morning was spectacular. for those that remember a few years back when the boys got up and opened all of their presents while mark and i slept, that did not happen this year. LOL the boys got into their stockings and then they waited a while. they played with stocking stuff and then woke us up. they didn't even get into the santa presents (he doesn't wrap yanno). as nollie told us, they weren't taking a chance on repeating their past mistake. LOL. we had to pick up the boys' jaws off the floor as they opened up their wish presents.

rae and her kids came over and spent two days with us just hanging out and playing games. ( LOTR Risk kicks ass).

now for actual christmas....
i have made the decision that i will not be doing holidays with people anymore unless we have our own transportation. i can not handle the stress of being on someone else's time schedule every moment. it turns what is supposed to be a pleasant situation into a very stressful situation. once everything would get settled we had a wonderful visit. niece and nephews that have grown so much that i know the next time or two that i blink they will be away at college. heather went to the 'big' christmas gathering and i ended up holding a sleepy Bekah the majority of the time. mark decided that he wants to be called 'pappy' instead of grandfather....*blinks and double blinks* omfg.. so heather handed me the baby and everyone started calling me 'mammy'.....only in the south folks....no, i will not go by 'mammy'......that is just so not right.....

mark stayed in winchester and may or may not be home this week. in a conversation with his mom, i told her that i was so excited that mark was going to be home this week. we have planned for this time before i start classes again to work on the house. we have a third bedroom that has been used as storage that we were going to clear out so that we can utilize it, throw a ton of crap away and try to organize the rest of the house. she informed me that she wanted him to get started on her bathroom and that she too has to go back to work on monday. she wanted to be home when they tore out the guest bathroom. of course, in another breath she stated that she doesn't know how i function with all of our clutter.

so my goal is to sit down and figure out how to become more organized. last term, i was more organized than i had been but i'm far from where i would like to be. starting from scratch again with the dave ramsey program. the car has drained all of our emergency funds.

this year has been incredible with many transitions and growth. this year has been one of learning how to build a foundation. i'm really looking forward to see and participate in the building of walls this next year. may the beams be centered and hold.

i hope that everyone has had a pleasant holiday season.

blessings )O(

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Dec. 19th, 2005 | 09:04 pm

mark is putting cardboard and tape on our kitchen windows.

apparantly, some kid(s) are throwing bricks into people's kitchen windows. it has happened atleast two nights in a row and we are the second that this one particular officer had received the call on.

mark's ear was grazed but it's superficial. he didn't know what had happened at first and we weren't sure if there had been shots fired or rocks or whatever. the kids are upstairs for the evenning and will do dinner up there as we clean the mess up and get some cleaning done for tomorrow.

*sighs and then takes a deep breath*

i'm glad that no one was seriously hurt and that it wasn't gun shot firing. i'm glad that my children were upstairs. i'm glad that it didn't happen while we had a house full of people tomorrow.

we have a case report from the police. need to call management tomorrow and hopefully our windows can be replaced quickly. all four windows in the kitchen were hit. only two hits made it through both the storm windows and the main windows.

so that's that.

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